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Naomi Campbell Edges

Lessons To Be Learned From Naomi Campbell's Hairline

Naomi displayed an incredibly receding hairline and shocking bald patches, the result of relying on hair extensions and weaves for the better part of her life, as she wore her hair tied back in a ponytail on the break.


Lessons To Be Learned From Naomi Campbell's Hairline

"Avoid the painful embarrassment of a balding receding hairline by using these tips while wearing weaves and learn how to regrow thinning edges."

Emma Watson, Beyonce, Taylor Swift & Other Celebs Without Makeup: Hot or Not?

Meeooowww - I'm sorry - but somehow this makes me feel better about myself. Celebrities Without Makeup - Daily Makeover


a) Beyonce's lace front glue b) Lindsay Lohan's extensions c) Britney's unblended tracks d) Naomi Campbell's edges

Naomi Campbell’s Hairstylist Told: “Black Hair Doesn’t Pay The Bills”



| PHOTOGRAPHY | love! Photo Credit: Sefa Nkansa. Adore the bold framing of this image. Beautiful. Inspiration for upcoming photo series. #photography More


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