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Names For Black Cats

Hug your black cat. I have two little black ones they are so beautiful!

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Top cat names revealed - infographic

Find out the most popular cat names around the UK - including some of the more funny and unusual names!

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23 Funny Animal Pics for Your Tuesday

one or two??? Imagem de'ilusão de gatos' está deixando a internet maluca


Have never actually been inside, despite my best intentions--will do some day--hear me out: I count it here because I have followed their album of the week blog for is hands down my favorite, and regular go-to, for suggestions. They give really fun run downs of the bands, qualifiers for the song sample listens, and parallels to help you grasp the sound you're experiencing. Also, they have a black cat named Vinyl that lives in the store, ha! Awesome.


A black cat for luck - in Great Britain and Ireland black cats are considered good luck!

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Cool, Unique, and Creative Black Cat Names For Your Beloved Pet

Cool, Unique and Creative Black Cat Names For Your Beloved Pet

This pretty Maine Coon cat, first name Frieda, came to our cattery on July 30th, 2011.     We didn't plan to get her but we couldn't say no when we found her on a website list of another cattery. She loves to eat. Nobody is faster at the food place when it is dinner time. The other cats like Leo and Lea, don't care much about it. They know there is enough food for everyone. Frieda is a very good representative of her breed. She has a very unique and egocentric character, loves to play ...