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Nala Lion King

Simba and Nala, The Lion King ART PRINT 10 x 8" illustration, Disney, Mixed Media, Home Decor, Nursery, Kid on Etsy, $12.99

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This Is The Hardest 'Lion King' Quiz You'll Ever Take

You gotta put your behind in your past.


"I was so afraid.. now I realize: Love is never wrong, and so it never dies. There's a perfect world shining in your eyes. And if only they could feel it too: the happiness I feel with you, they'd know love will find a way. Anywhere we go, we're home, if we are there together. Like dark turning into day, somehow we'll come through, now that I've found you, love will find a way."


That moment you realize....... you'll never be better than a cartoon lion at making sexy eyes at your man..... :/ OutDisneyed again!

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"The Lion King" - I did see the OBC of this amazing show. And I have said since the opening number alone is worth the price of the ticket.

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The Most Romantic Disney Song Of All Time

Image 7 In the film lion king there is a very similar storyline to moulin rouge as in the love story between both story's I have chose to use a lion in the film moulin rouge and make a Disney lion in the style of baz lineman (director of moulin rouge) as I have found the key features of a lion would be nice to play with and change into a more glamorous effect also some burlesque dances are very animal like and this idea would fit in the this consept


Broadway Nala's eye makeup