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HealthFreedoms – 7 Nail Conditions That Are Linked to Serious Health Issues (and what to do about them) #KnowledgeIsPower!#AwesomeTeam♥#Odycy☮:-)

Fingernail Health - It is true that abnormalities of the nails can often provide early clues 2 common medical problems or severe systemic diseases... This site provides some good info... .. it also has items 4 purchase. I do not endorse them as I have never purchased them.. your call

The Nails Have It...

/Smart Health Talk Pick: Nails give clues to serious disease. Don't ignore signs! Disease could kill if untreated. Nail fungal infections can happen to anyone. Hard to make go away. Meds cost in thousands. Suggest taking anti fungal Terramin tablets/powder (Amazon) Works to heal inside. Also use combo of mineral powder/tea tree oil. Put oil on nails, then powder. Put on sock. Leave on for hours if possible. Keep repeating. Terramin high in silica. Foundation for hair, skin, nails so all…

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Put Apple Cider Vinegar Оn Your Face And See What Happens Тo Toxins, Eczema Аnd Age Spots

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Onychorrhexis - • brittle, dry, splitting nails • layers of the nail may be peel giving - flaky appearance • deep split may occur • may be caused by illness or harsh treatments or products

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Nailtiques Formula 2

Nailtiques Formula 2 is for soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails. Nailtiques Nail Protein was created to address different nail conditions.

How-to Multi Mask with Pure-Clay Masks