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N Periodic Table

Do you love socks as much as Dobby? Do happy neurons fire at the thought of a handmade Periodic Table of the Elements? Enjoy these extraordinary examples of great crochet and knit projects (and some crochet patterns!) for (and by) nerds and geeks:


All matter has a resonant frequency that is represented in this table by their spectral emission when observed via Spectroscopy. As you can imagine, some of these frequencies fall within the visible light spectrum. A Microwaved Planet's photo. PeriodicTableSpectra

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Periodic Table Battleship

Learn the Periodic Table of Elements in a fun way with Periodic Table Battleship.

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Periodic Table Building Blocks

Geek chic! Love it - periodic table building blocks. My sister has the periodic table as a shower curtain - brilliant. Just love it!


All 108 Elements of the Periodic Table Animated as Characters


What is this? These are tips for teachers and SLPs working with AAC users. How can this be helpful in the future? The table gives the facilitator an idea of how to effectively communicate the use of an AAC device to a new user. It is color coated for simple understanding (instructional and implementation tips, adult support tips, communication functions)


Illustration showing that almost all of the weight of an atom comes from the protons and neutrons.

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Helium Periodic Table Element Nerdy Balloons - Pack of 8 | Geeky Birthday Party Decorations | Student Professor Teacher Scientist, Chemist

Add some science-themed nerdiness to your party decorations! These helium periodic table element balloons are sure to be a hit with the science


Periodicity Trends in Radius, Melting Point, Electronegativity & Ionisation Energy

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Periodic Table Black Leggings

Periodic Table Black Leggings Science geeks for the win! Slimming #blackmilk #blackmilkclothing #leggings