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In this FREE research assignment students research different gods, goddesses, creatures and humans from Greek Mythology. I had my students work individually at home and I had them pick names from a hat. You can have them work in groups and do it in class using laptops if you wish. Some of my students prepared PowerPoint presentations, some made posters and others just made a speech. The CCSS for grades 6-12 are included.


Mythology by Edith Hamilton Vtg Hardcover w Dust Jacket Greek, Roman, Norse Myth

Mythology Trading Cards (but I see potential application as a character study for any novel with several characters)


Mythology by Edith Hamilton My parents gave me this book when I was in fourth or fifth grade. Don't know how many times I reread it!

Rosine Emmet Sherwood: "Disgusted With Life, She Retired to the Society of Books" Sadly out of stock