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Mystical Synonym

from Lavender & Lark

Winter's Children

Hare rider - Winter's Children — by Lavender & Lark

from Hey Sigmund - Karen Young

9 Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition (And Why You'll Want To

9 Ways to Tap Into Your Intuition (And Why You’ll Want To)


You will need a black candle pepper rosemary and cloves on waning moon. crush the herbs in your hands to release the oil and then lay them around the base of the candle.Light the candle and say: Release procrastination from mind my slow state I leave behind. Empty now all negativity and leave only peace and clarity. I work with speed. This is my will so shall it be harm to none nor return on me.Repeat this three or nine times Seems very appropriate.


Paintings Made By Murderers: These killers all had an artistic side of some sort and by no means is that a reference to their heinous crimes. The following slides will display the artwork of some of the worst...


The underworld was named after Hades himself. It was divided into several regions, among them Erebus, the upper region, Tartarus, the lower region and Elysium, Fields of the blessed.