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F'ing amazing these creatures....Chameleonesque color-changing magical no. 8 legged hyper intelligent beauties who make eye contact in photos like they know what's up. And I think they do!

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Word of the day: Testaceous: Having a shell. #Wordoftheday #Turtle Puzzler World - on a mission to banish boredom:

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26 Mysterious Sea Creatures That Look Like They Belong In a Sci-Fi Movie

Using light from above to display the concept of depth. The light is filtered in a unique way that completely displays what needs to be seen but is still capable of conveying mystery /Haley

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love the sillouettes - value lesson for back - and 'pick a sea creature' for front-turtle - shark......hmmmm

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Washed up: Margaret Flippence, 55, was walking on the Scottish beach with her husband Nick when she found this unknown creature's skeleton

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