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I dont think its possible.....I went to my friends house and I asked her older brother for the password........We ended up having to hack into their internet because he wouldnt tell us and we didnt know!!!

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I Have a Freebie for you!! (Life. Love. Lauren.)

So here in my house, internet is a big thing. Kevin being all computer savvy and his living and such and me being a big, bad blogger. Oh that last one not so true?? Well besides all that, we invest in our internet to get the fast stuff. This is something...

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changing my wifi pronto << tempted to do this because if someone can work this out, they deserve to use my wifi

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How I Plan My Homeschool Year: A Peek Into My Planner

Not sure this is a really good idea, but since I can't seem to remember so many passwords (and they make them harder to come up with every day) ...

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