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from Classy Career Girl

15 Ways I Paid Off $80,000 of Debt in 18 months

I do know that zero debt has allowed me to be able to have work that I am passionate about rather than just working at a job I hate to pay my bills and student loans.

1 that I can pay off my student loans and buy my grandparents house so we don't have to sell it...

from Thrifty Meets Spendy

Mar 25 The 3 Strategies I'm Using to Slay My Student Loans

I'm paying off my student loans in 3 years. Here are my three strategies to SLAY.

from Smart Woman

I Will Pay Off my Student Loans

How this woman plans to pay off over $30k of student loans in less than 3 years. Very inspirational.

from The Beautiful Useful Project

My Student Loan Debt Mistakes

Have you made any of these student loan debt mistakes? After making tons of poor choices, here's what I'm doing to turn my student loan debt problem around.

from Making Sense Of Cents

My Student Loans are GONE

My Student Loans are GONE. I was able to pay off around $38,000 in student loans in just seven months. Yes, 7 MONTHS!

from Financegirl

7 Student Loan Resources

Suffering from student loan debt? I am. That's why I created this guide with 7 resources for people with student loan debt. I've gone from $206k to $122k and I've used these tools to help me get there. I couldn't have done it alone. | Financegirl

from The Extra Income Project

How a simple family budget paid off $5000 of debt in 6 weeks

How a Simple Family Budget helped pay off $5000 of debt in just 6 weeks. If you're looking to pay off debt quickly these budgeting tips will help you start a budget and learn the power of a budget. Pay off credit card debt or pay off student loans fast! Plus a BONUS - download the FREE budget planner template spreadsheet that helped me achieve my awesome goal to get your started.

from Making Sense Of Cents

How Blogging Helped With Paying Off Student Loans

I was able to pay off my $40,000 student loan debt mainly by blogging. If you are interested in paying off student loans, check this blog post out!