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da-imaginarium: Sketch 88: Wee Bitty Squirtle The second in my Pokemon terrarium series. Squirtle was my first ever Pokemon (back when I was playing on a gameboy color!!) so he has a special place in my heart ^^ In case you missed it, here’s my BULBASAUR.

from 9GAG

My Experience with Pokemon GO

excuse the language, but this is so true. I've biked about 12 kilometers in the last 3 days when normally I don't bike at all! lucky me I've got squirtle, pikachu, and charmander already!


I found this while looking for a good Growlithe picture for the Pokemon Hunger games because I want Darius to be Growlithe, and I thought it was too sweet to ignore. So here it is! Also, Foxface will be a Vulpix if I get my way.