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A feather from an Angel, Is one we rarely see. But this one is quite different, And as special as can be. This feather is a reminder, Of a special persons love.... Who is now your Guardian Angel, Watching & protecting from above.<3 t u

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My angels are always ahead of me I have found feathers and many other things that remind me,my son Aaron is right next to me.........bless, him❤️

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My Guardian Angel keeps telling me this....but I really do not have that much strength left in me.....

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Help me, my guardian angel and all the heavenly angels when I need you for whatever reason.

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Guardian Angel by my side, I call him Dad and know he's forever with me. Missing you "Tweet" Robert Gary Norris.

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Archangel Raphael . This is my prayer for those I love whose health and bodies need healing. I ask my guardian angel to help too.

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They were reported missing this morning. No one’s heard from them in three…

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Angel ... I feel you in the wind as you wrap me in embrace , I see your smile in raindrops as they gently kiss my face , I see you in the skies so everything I do... 11/7/85 - 6/23/14

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