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My Fitness Pal App

My fitness pal tips. This app is amazing, track your calories, ratio of carbs, fat, protein, sat fats (or anything else you choose). Track your weight loss (or gain), measurements of body parts, water intake and exercise completed. Add friends, input recipes and find out nutritional values and calories. Complete a daily diary and get a rough estimate of what you will weigh in 5 weeks if you ate the same everyday. Use on all mobiles, tablets, ipads and computers. Add me: TheUnjaded


My Fitness pal; trying this again!

from Nicole Tinkham

7 Things every newbie needs to know about My Fitness Pal

We’re gonna get all high tech up in here and talk about the popular My Fitness Pal app. If you haven’t heard of it, you’ve probably made an account at some point and totally forgo…

from The Bewitchin' Kitchen

How To Use My Fitness Pal For Weight Loss Success

How To Use My Fitness Pal For Weight Loss Success #weightloss

from Organize Yourself Skinny

Getting the Most Out of My Fitness Pal MyFitnessPal is another neat mobile application that can help an individual keep track of calorie consumption. More convenient when compared to trying to keep a meal log and the nicest thing is its 100 % free! myfitnesspal


My Fitness Pal Free Calorie Counter - Love this can get it as an app on your smartphone finiding it has really opened my eyes to the ammount of calories in foods and allowed me to make better choices

from Greatist

The 39 Best Health and Fitness Apps of 2016

Best Health and Fitness Apps


“Portion Distortion” describes how our portion sizes have become bigger over time. What we think is a ‘normal’ portion may actually be enoug...

from The Wonder of Tech

MyFitnessPal Review – Tech + Fitness Series Part 2

My Fitness Pal Review – Tech + Fitness Series Part 2


One of our favorite apps, MyFitnessPal, has helped its users lose a collective 100 million pounds. (!!) Here are some fun facts they shared with us.