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The world's 10 best cities to live in

Date: n/a Artist: n/a This photograph just shows how the city life is and could inspire ppl to go there #Vancouver, Canada (the city scores an overall rating of 97.3 out of 100)

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How I Get My Free Credit Report, Score, Protection and Monitoring

How I Get My Credit Report, Credit Score, Credit Rating, Credit Protection and Credit Monitoring All Free!

from Two Cents

What Happens If I Add an Authorized User on My Credit Card?

Becoming an authorized user on a current credit account can raise your credit rating.

After redundancy and defaults a few years ago, what can be done to improve your credit rating as fast as possible?

The Faff Scale Most of the time it's not that personal finance budgeting and/or doing a little sideline online is actually too difficult for us - it's just that we can't be bothered. It's this inertia that financial and insurance companies thrive on and it's this inertia that can cost us. So with this in mind I thought I'd break down my recommendations into an easy to read scale. I actually enjoy uncovering obscure ways to make mere pennies but even oddbods like me can pass up decent…

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Six tips to maintain your home throughout the year

I just love some DIY. And I love the fact that I can do so many things around my home that allows it to last me a long time and in good condition.


🛍 Updated Closet Guidelines 🛍 Please note: I try my best to assess every article of clothing accurately for signs of wear and imperfections. I like to use the "credit rating" system, with "fair" being at the bottom of my list for being well worn, with no stains or rips, and still wearable. "Good" condition clothing may have slight imperfections, same with "great" but "great" will look almost new otherwise. "Excellent" will mean pristine, and often will be an item I never washed & only…

CAPTAIN MEATBALL and the ROMANIAN DISASTER - aka Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan, my precious bbys. << Should be Captain Dorito but I love it either way