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Equality for all. Kids that are in orphanages rarely get adopted and it's harder for them to get a family and home the older they get since most couples want babies, not older children. What's the difference if it's a gay or lesbian or straight couple trying to adopt kids into LOVING homes? Just ask a kid who's never had a family if it matters to them.

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What is Psychological Abuse of a Child? – HealthyPlace

Psychological abuse of a child can have long-lasting negative psychiatric effects. Learn about the types and symptoms of psychological abuse. Source: What is Psychological Abuse of a Child? –…


"My kids can be almost anything they want: religious, agnostic, atheist, gay, bi, straight, asexual, trans, genderfluid, genderless, whatever. The one thing I won't let them be is a bully."


CLANGERS - I could never understand them but the programme always seemed to make complete sense! I think I even tried to knit my own Clanger once! #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists

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LGBT teens made homeless

I will be haunted for the rest of my life by the struggles of a homeless gay teen in NYC. UNCONDITIONAL love is what your God expects of you as a parent.