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What You Need to Know About Sleeping Through the Night (I stumbled on this article virtually the moment I was ready to die of confused exhaustion. My nighttime sleeper suddendly turned into THE WORST SLEEPER EVER at 6 months)

from BuzzFeed

24 Awesome Nursery Wall Prints That Cost $0

24 Awesome Nursery Wall Prints That Cost $0... If I ever have a baby, some of these will go in my baby's room


There is nothing not sad about this scene. 1. The fact that he's sleeping at work. 2. The look in his eyes that screams "help me". 3. The fact that he has a home but regardless of what happened or will happen, he won't ever be allowed back. 4. How he has the bunker with Sam and Dean but he thinks they won't want him after everything with Heaven. 5. How unwanted he feels. 6. The fact that Misha was homeless so knows how this feels and portrays it perfectly.


The rise and fall can both happen very fast in their world. As a BABY too, I never thought I won't be able to see B.A.P for a year, in 2015. I wonder if Yoongi's words were more like "or we might fail and we'll have to return to our own lives", but he just covered them up with a joke? The way Tae smiles ....