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21 Times Tumblr Was So On Point About Music

And finally, the only musical moods literally everyone has: | 21 Times Tumblr Was So On Point About Music<< Sobs because it's so true.

Musical preference is unique to the listener. There are so many different cultures and personalities–which makes it quite difficult to decide what to listen to. In addition to different tastes in music, there are times and places where it may not be appropriate to play something.

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Hand stamped personalised metal plectrum - music is what feelings sound like - Music Quote

I know you all think I'm a hippie( cuz of all the music quotes I pin) but playing piano really is an ethereal kind of joy for me. To just let loose at the piano is so soothing and gives a kind of thrill!

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Music makes the world go round (24 photos)

I love the feeling of knowing that my music will always be there for me when others can't. When something happens and i need to escape from every bogy i just put on my headphones and every things fine. When i listen to music i feel like i know my favorite artists. I LOVE MUSIC ! :-)


Yeah... Rock is my home, but when I venture from the home I find myself in pop, kpop, instrumental, opera, classical, and what ever else just has a good feel