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Music Lesson Plans

Free music lesson plan - a huge list of free music teaching resources ♣ 15.5.21 from @InspiringNHKids

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Elementary Music Lesson Plans (Bundled)

Elementary Music Lessons Plans-These plans are creative and concise. Grades K-5 for the whole year!

from Let's Play Music

Weekly Lesson Plans

30 minute music lesson plan themes full of fun and packed with learning!


Lesson Planning Tips

Looking for lesson planning tips for your music room? This blog post includes a YouTube tutorial and links to help you plan your Kodaly-inspired, Orff-inspired, and/or active music making lesson!


Boom Chicka Boom (Dynamics) | Music Lesson Plan -


Music of the Olympics 15-Minute Music Lesson Freebie with Printables

Free 20th Century Music Lesson Plans and Printables

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Fifth Grade Music Lesson Plans (Music Lessons for Fifth Grade)

5th Grade Music Lessons Plans-These plans are creative and concise. They are for the whole year and contain song, activity, and game ideas for 5th grade music students!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Lessons For Music (Fall Music Lesson Plans for K/1st Grades)

These lessons include 6 fall-themed music lesson plans for kindergarten or first grade music students along with 150 pages of resources! Each lesson includes the following sections: objective, warm-up, anticipatory set, model, guided practice, and independent practice. They even include 2 original songs with notation and lyric sheets!

Looking for Exciting kindergarten music lesson plans, or do you want to SAVE…