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Are you interested in making a side income with your own home based aquaponics system or perhaps pursuing a full blown commercial venture? If so, these 7 tips will help... Before considering a pursuit in commercial aquaponics, it is important to understand that there are some major differences be


Beth Chatto's Gravel Garden. Allium Nigrum and a very wide selection of allium bulbs in the UK, try Bloms. Cool colors in a hot garden: allium Nigrum is planted with veronica 'Kapitan', stachys byzantia, and a cristophii.


Grow your own delicious mushrooms

How to grow your own mushrooms: Autumn is the perfect time to turn your attention to mushrooms, in the wild and to grow in your own garden.

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How to make a lot of compost this winter

How to make a lot of compost this winter - for free. With just 2 ingredients you can have all the compost you need for your spring garden.


How to Grow Mushrooms from Spawn - Wie man Pilze aus Sporen züchtet.


Mulch raspberries, blueberries, cranberries and lingonberries with well-rotted farmyard manure (not mushroom compost as it is too alkaline).


Butterfly Puddler. Make your own butterfly puddler by filling a small bowl, dish or flower pot bottom with sand. Add water until the sand is soggy. Make sure the bowl is at least 16″ wide or you will be adding water to it often as it evaporates. The larger size will also allow for more butterflies. Add a tbsp of composted manure or mushroom compost to the sand Add river stones as well as some flat surfaces such as clam shells for the butterflies to sun bathe on.