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Muscular Strength Test

Complete the core workout everyday for 7 days. Improve your muscular endurance and test your abs, arms, glutes and core with the Core Workout!


What loads are best for improving muscular strength and/or size? Previous work in resistance-trained subjects has identified that when using similar volumes of training heavy (7 sets of 3RM) and moderate (3 sets of 10RM) loads produce similar degrees of hypertrophy but heavy loads lead to greater increases in strength. This next study builds on that earlier work by comparing different volumes of training with either heavy (3 sets of 2 - 4RM) or moderate (3 sets of 8 - 12RM) loads…

The ultimate tacfit home workouts

Some fantastic bodyweight moves. Should try these when the regular full body routine bores you!

Eccentric training is well-known to increase muscular strength size and fascicle length as well as the angle of peak torque. This new study demonstrates that eccentric training is also very good at increasing the ability to store elastic energy in tests of passive flexibility. A poor ability to store elastic energy has been identified as a key risk factor for muscle strains. This is because the ability to store elastic energy is essentially the ability to tolerate deformation and load…

Yoga for Core Strength

Deadlift Tips and Tricks