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Thomas has Becker, which is milder, but this video is still helpful to explain some things. BrainPOP animation about Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - YouTube


Jerry Lewis

Jerry Lewis - (1926- ) Comedian and remembered for being a part of the Rat Pack with Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Joey Bishop.


Muscular Dystrophy is often confused with Multiple Sclerosis when they are completely separate from each other. Here is a great pin to share to help raise awareness and learn the difference between the two. #musculardystrophy #MultipleSclerosis please visit www.my-beckers-story.blogspot.com


Jerry Lewis. Comedian, actor, singer, film producer, screenwriter and film director, humanitarian. From the early 1950s until 2011, he served as national chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA). Lewis began hosting telethons to benefit MDA in 1952. From 1966 to 2010 he hosted the annual Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon, since renamed the MDA Labor Day Telethon. It has raised over 2.6 billion dollars for Musclar Dystrophy research.


The gluteus medius muscle is a primary stabilizer of the hip and when weak has been found to correlate with low back pain, hip pain, and knee pain. If you had to lose one muscle this would not be a good one to give up. I frequently find that the gluteus medius muscle is weak …

Positioning Equipment for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Positioning Equipment for Children with Cerebral Palsy and Muscular Dystrophy: "Tadpole" Pediatric Positioner

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