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Muscle Fascia

from Not Just Sassy on the Inside

Healing Journey Monday: Progress!

Healing Journey Monday: Progress! | Notes from the Bluegrass


So interesting it shows exactly where the tendon I tore is which a lot of diagrams don't!


The superficial back line of fascia connects us from toes to eyebrows, so great globally for spinal problems - Osteopathy


Male figure: Medical v3A 2012 model. the finest superficial muscle anatomical figure available at a desktop size. Ideal for reference, teaching or study, flayed deeper muscles & partly revealed skeleton. realistic hand painted: bone, muscle, fascia, tendon, veins, removable head & removable arms. External metal stand for extra product support & durability for handling & extreme temperatures. Internal 360° turntable. aprox.23x10x5"

from Pain Relief Through Movement

How To Reverse Iliotibial Band Pain: Addressing the Trauma Reflex

I’ve written about Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) before. In my previous iliotibial band pain post I explain what it is as well as how this condition is yet another example of Sensory Motor …