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Multiplication Timed Test - free printable flashcards, worksheets and quickquiz pack that include pre-test and post test.


FREE 100 question multiplication timed test-applies the commutative property!


FREE timed multiplication tests-3 versions for each set of facts


Timed Multiplication Test Practice-I remember these from 3rd grade. I loved them.


Outstanding free resource for practising multiplication. I won't need any other pages. - EC Kids do 20 multiplication fact test daily (1 min.) and move on at their own pace. Tests are kept in drawers & kids grab one as they walk in, so no paper passing. Each Friday, a 100 problem test (5 min.) is taken.

from Top Notch Teaching

How To Make A Times Tables Booklet

Times tables booklets are a great tool for students to use to test themselves and review various table facts.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Multiplication Facts Assessments and Brag Tags - Karate Theme

Multiplication Facts Assessments and Brag Tags Here is a great CCSS Aligned resource for your classroom: Operations Algebraic Thinking 3.OA.C7 These multiplication assessments may be used for Pre-Assessments and Post Assessments. There are 10 Karate belt levels of Brag Tags for recognition when students master a level.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Multiplication Wheels

Multiplication Wheels Interactive Fun for Times Tables


Reading chains: Every time a student finishes a book, they can write their name, title and author of the book on a strip

from Learning Lab Resources

Math Facts

Do your students struggle with math timed tests? Learn a new strategy that motivates and encourages students to answer more questions correctly and complete the test faster each time!