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Multiple Intelligences Activities

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All About Me Activities: A Multiple Intelligences Assessment

Multiple Intelligences Quiz & other K-5 Career Lessons More


Kindergarten and Mooneyisms: Multiple Intelligences (In the Classroom) - A Field Guide by Marek Bennett

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Multiple Intelligences Interactive PowerPoint

Do your students think there is only one way to be smart? Are they convinced that if they can't read or do math as easily as others they must be "dumb?" This lesson is for them!This highly interactive PowerPoint filled with animations, games, and activities, explains Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences in kid-friendly terms and shows students that there isn't just one way to be smart.


What elements of your intelligence are the strongest? Try taking the Multiple Intelligences test to find out! (40 questions - Retrievable results - Shown in custom circular chart).

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Multiple Intelligences Around the Room

Multiple Intelligences Around the RoomAn out of seat activity in which students…