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I have sooooo been there. In basically every game where I can choose my stats. I always drop Str and Con (or their equivalents) to boost Int and/or Cha (or their equivalents). Gets me nearly killed a lot, but I always know WHY and how I might've prevented it. :P

Halo 5, Master Chief... Verdict: I've already beaten the campaign, I have to say I thought it was amazing, the graphics and new additions were great. Buck, Nathan Fillian, aka Castle, was the best addition character wise. I thought more of the campaign should've been played through Master Chief though, that's the biggest let down. The ending surprised me, not what I wanted, but since it's a continuation to the next Halo I am curious where they take it... As for multiplayer, disappointing...

from Borderlands Wiki

Borderlands 2

This game is a 3d shooter + a pretty good RPG, it's longer than the first one, good online multiplayer and awesome to play with friends.