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Muharram Images

Tomb of Prophet Ebrahim (upon him be peace) This is the tomb of Ebrahim (upon him be peace) which is built directly above his actual grave which is below ground. On the left side is the window from the Jewish synagogue which is built right next to the mosque. This place is a source of great friction between Muslims and Jews and is heavily guarded.


Shi'ite Muslims flagellate themselves to commemorate Ashura

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Images of life in the British Raj - in pictures

A (sacred month) procession through a crowded street with tazieh theatre performance in the background. Tazieh drama re-enacts heroic tales of love and sacrifice. old pic but year unknown

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Place in Karbala where the left hand of Hazrat Abbas(a.s.) was cut.


I found endurance therein was wiser. So I adopted patience, although there was pricking in the eye and suffocation in the throat. -Imam Ali (AS)