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The Sinking of Estonia in 1994 in the Baltic Sea in one of the worst maritime disasters of the 20th century. 852 lives lost.


memorial situate at Tahkuma, Hiiumaa to the lives lost in ths sinking of the MS Estonia on its way from Tallinn to Stockholm, September 27, 1994,

The Andrea Doria: The Andrea Doria was an Italian ship that sank after colliding against a Swedish ship MS Stockholm in the year 1956, while trying to reach the port of New York City. However, in spite of the severity of the incident, not many lives were lost because of timely communication by the ship’s authorities. Today, the shipwreck is a very famous site for divers. In fact, the Andrea Doria shipwreck site is known as the Mt. Everest of Scuba Diving.


The Deadliest Maritime Disaster - SINKING OF THE MS ESTONIA in 1994 (en route from Tallinn, Estonia to Stockholm, Sweden) 20 years ago from September 27, 2014 - I have friends who lost someone in that disaster and I also met a survivor of that disaster (47 minutes)


Estonia ferry. one of the worst maritime disasters of the 20th century


The sinking of the Estonia. September 27, 1994. The ferry MS Estonia set sail on a night voyage across the Baltic Sea from the port of Tallin in Estonia to Stockholm where she was to dock at 9:30am the following morning. She departed carrying 989 passengers and crew. A failure to lock the lock's of the ship's bow visor causes it to break away under punishing waves at 1:00am. Water floods the car decks and within 15 minutes quickly capsizes the ship. She rolls drastically to the starboard…

Tahkuna, Kõrgessaare Hiiumaa - memorial to MS Estonia ferry victims, which sunk in the Baltic on September 28, 1994 en route from Tallinn to Stockholm

Sinking of MS Estonia 28 September 1994. The photographer used camera flash to signal help accidentally capturing another man sitting on the capsized hull. The sinking claimed 852 lives. [368 x 240]