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Effect of Classical Music on the Brain.

<3 music - best food for the soul


Steel frame set design. Using physical theatre to move around the stage, a good idea but I am not sure if this will be practical enough bringing it on and off stage.

37 Mozart Effect-Music for Children: The Mozart Effect Music for Children, Volume 2: Relax, Daydream, & Draw: Music

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart created more than 600 compositions before his death at the young age of 35. Is "The Mozart Effect" real? Does listening to Mozart's music make you smarter? FIND OUT:


The Mozart Effect Myth: Listening to Classical Music ...

I learned something cool on the @curiositydotcom app: The Mozart Effect Myth: Listening to Classical Music Won't Make You Smarter

Mixed Musical Messages: How Listening to Music Can Help and Hinder Learning


Mozart Effect for Babies to go to Sleep. Classical Music Baby Relax Lullaby. Berceuse pour Dormir - YouTube