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I grew up living paycheck to paycheck (Funny People Pictures) - #direct deposit #paycheck #perseverance

from CollegeHumor

Moving Day: Expectation Vs Reality

Moving to a new place: the easiest way to realize that you have no real friends.

from The Funny Beaver

Men's Humor #7

....mature men don t need manpons ...they know how to man up...find one of those who also can move a fridge


"Uh....Can you not?" "What?? It's Halloween! Have some fun!" ".....Pls help....."

from The Inspiration Room

Commonwealth Bank Determined in 2010

me after shopping last night. I ate 4 slices and still felt that I could eat more but was too dang exhausted to move after that LOL Just kidding. I got my second wind. :)