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What a cheeky, cheery chappie that young Fred Astaire was. -born on the 10th of May

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24 Striking Pictures Of Afghanistan By Photojournalist Steve McCurry

Afghan refugee, Pakistan (Steve McCurry's Blog)


Fred Astaire (10 May 1899-22 June 1987), dancer, film star, and choreographer, was born in Omaha, Nebraska, the son of Frederick Austerlitz, an Austrian immigrant.


Freddie Mercury. met him when i was in jr high waiting for them to come out of the hotel on the way to the arena in omaha. our little group were the only ones waiting to see if we could catch a glimpse. this was right when he cut his hair. he asked me if i wanted to ride in the limo with him to the arena. my friends would not let me ride with him. i don't think i was his type...;) he was so sweet to us. poor freddie. so talented. lost so young. :(*


fun fact: I've always said there's a reason why no one's ever made a biopic about Fred Astaire - because who would be able to play a quadruple-threat with the same kind of charisma? It turns out no one's ever made a biopic about Fred Astaire because he "stipulated in his will that no film representations of himself be made". Now we know he's a quintuple-threat, for his intelligence and foresight.


Rodney A. Grant as Wind In His Hair ~ Dances with Wolves 1990. Native American actor, Rodney Arnold Grant was born the 9th of March, 1959. After his biological parents abandoned him, his grandparents raised him from 6 months of age. He is of the Omaha Tribe. He is pictured (here) in Lakota regalia.


MONTGOMERY CLIFT was the first choice for the part of "Joe Gillis" in Billy Wilder's classic movie "SUNSET BOULEVARD" (1950) but he turned it down.

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Mary Ellen Mark, Photographer

Marlon Brando en Apocalypse Now (F. F. Coppola, 1979)

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30 Authentic Biryani Recipes


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