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Today, I am inspired by film titles of the 1920s and 30s. Although these titles were restricted to black and white, the typography speaks for itself.

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westworld title sequence Fantastic series loved it all the more because I am writing satire about stuff similar. White knuckle with JJs touches and superb television with suitable twists. Love it. Fav series of this year and fab sucessor to movie. 20 out of 12

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Inception (2010)

Inception. This is incredibly helpful (don't read it if you haven't seen the movie; it'll ruin the whole thing)

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1959, saw Doris Day paired with Rock Hudson for the first time in a movie. They both were on contract with Universal at the time - that movie? Pillow Talk - it was the first of 3 movies they made together (Lover Come Back and Send Me No Flowers) - here's Doris singing over the opening to Pillow Talk.

... Top 25 Movies: Intro and Another 25 ~ Hugo Stiglitz Makes Movies

Movie Intros - Every single time, when I hear them I'm exited and totally ready to watch THE MOVIE!!! <3