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Foods to Eat During Chemotherapy

Foods to Eat During Chemotherapy ~ Useful tips. For me losing my taste buds was up there with mouth ulcers and the sore throats. I embraced the green smoothie too.

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What Should You Eat if You Have Mouth Sores?

What Should You Eat if You Have Mouth Sores?

Ease the Pain of Cancer-Treatment Mouth Sores with Capsaicin Taffy

Frankincense & Myrrh: What You Should Know

KNOWN TO KILL CANCER CELLS Frankincense has recently created quite a big stir because studies done in major universities have shown it kills many kinds of cancers without disrupting or destroying normal cells. In fact, Frankincense boosts all cells in the body, which increases immune health and the body’s ability to fight and overcome cancer. Please check out my page for Therapeutic Grade Frankincense. Healing Lotus Wellness on facebook, or e-mail me @

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5 Powerful Mouth Ulcer Canker Sore Treatment

Celosia: medicinal uses: is well-known as a treatment for tapeworm, mouth sores, eye problems and blood diseases. The seeds are also used to treat chest complaints and the flowers are used to treat diarrhea. The leaves are used to treat sores and boils by using it as dressing.

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