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PERMA-WHITE® Mold & Mildew-Proof™* Interior Paint is specifically designed to prevent mildew growth on the paint film in moisture prone areas in your home.

from Charles & Hudson

Laundry Room Upgrades with Paint and New Washer and Dryer

zero VOC, antimicrobial finish, mold and mildew resistant paint, wish i would of found this weeks ago. i just repainted the bedrooms and we are a home full of allergies and asthma. DARN


We repaint the ceiling with a specialist mould resistant paint. We can install an extractor fan to get rid of the steam.

You should not paint over mold even with mold resistant paint. Anti mold paint will not kill mold or prevent it from spreading. Use a mold sealant, or encapsulate over mold you can’t remove.

Anti-Mould paint additive. Additive for paint. Concentrated formula 250 ml treats up to 12 litres of paint. Make your own mould resistant paint

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All outer walls are spayed with a mold resistant paint after the house has the mold eradicated in 5 days and to the tune of $10,000 for the service.