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Chanel - this one's a little better looking - or at least different from all the other Chanel bags. - I don't know - I don't get why they are so expensive - most don't have any compartments in them - are very dressy - this one's not bad looking though. Why do you want the huge CC on the front of your bag? - the small gold cc is okay.

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Make Your Clothes Look More Expensive: 10 Tips

Some girls can make cheap finds look like expensive splurges. The secret isn't magic. Here are 10 ways to make your clothes look more expensive

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Ginza Tanaka The nearly $2 million bag features a diamond shoulder strap that doubles as a necklace,

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And here we have the Pice de Rsistance * ^The most expensive purse in the world * This red Hermes Birkin handbag was sold at auction in December for $203,150.

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70 things to do, see, eat in Edinburgh

70 things to do, see, eat in Edinburgh - Edinburgh itinerary

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The most expensive ring in the world

The Graff Pink was named after its owner Laurence Graff, who proclaimed the 24.78ct gem “the most fabulous diamond” he had ever seen. Discover the most expensive rings in the world: #jewelry

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