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Another fact is that adult dragonflies will devour just about anything they can catch. Dragonflies usually eat mosquitoes, bees, gnats, butterflies, termites, and other bugs. When they are in the nymph stage, they eat small fish, tadpoles, mosquito larvae, worms, and aquatic insects.


Mosquito Hawks or Skeeter Eaters are actually called crane flies...their larvae eats your lawn's roots. At no point in their lives do they eat mosquitos or mosquito larvae

These adorable baby turtles are just one of the powerful weapons in Operation Blessing's fight against the Zika virus. They devour mosquito larvae in standing water before the dangerous insects can do any harm.

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Scary monsters and super creeps… The ugly little stars of U.S. microscope firm’s photograph contest

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Flower Bed Ideas for the Front of a House Facing East

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Mosquito Larva

Mosquito Larva available in sizes 12 - 14 - 16 - 18