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Askham Bryan: Young Gardeners of the Year Show Garden


Stop Mosquitoes from Breeding in Your Birdbath or Pond! Any standing water can breed swarms of mosquitoes, even your birdbath or rain barrel. Our Mosquito Control Rings contain Bt israelensis, a naturally occurring bacterium that kills mosquito larvae for a full 30 days. Each slow-release, floating Control Ring treats 100 square feet of surface area in your pond or water garden. Control mosquitoes naturally Rings last for a month Each ring treats 100 square feet


Put Goldfish in your rain barrels to eat the mosquito larvae. put a clear lid on the barrel to stop the kids catching the fish


Gold fish are thriving and keeping mosquitos away. This is their third summer in the rain barrels and are doing very well. In the winter I bring them inside and keep in a fish tank.


Mosquito egg raft with hatching larva (Culex sp.). Culex mosquitoes lay their eggs in rafts that float in still or stagnant water. Eggs are laid one at a time and stuck together. Each raft contains from 100 to 400 eggs. Larvae hatch from openings at the tip of each egg case. The eggs go through larval and pupal stages feeding on microorganisms (plankton) before developing into adult mosquitoes. || Dennis Kunkel