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Brooke sailed with the British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force on 28 Feb. 1915 but developed sepsis from an infected mosquito bite. He died at 4:46 pm on 23 Apr. 1915 in a French hospital ship moored in a bay off the island of Skyros in the Aegean on his way to the landing at Gallipoli.


Rupert Brooke was educated at Rugby School and went to King’s College, Cambridge. In his letters home in the opening year of the war he wrote ‘It’s all great fun.’ As an interesting reminder that the English countryside was different from Northern France and reflected different religious attitudes Brooke reported one private saying What I Continue Reading »


Their juice and their peel kills all types of bacteria which can help you stop an infection on mosquito bites

Mosquito bite avoidance for travellers


Incredible colourised images of King Tut's tomb revealed

Lord Carnarvon reads on the veranda of Carter's house near the Valley of the Kings. On 19 ...

The expectations and anticipation regarding the world’s first potential malaria vaccine have been dealt a blow after trial results demonstrated that the protection the vaccine offers, can significantly diminish and disappear altogether over time, disappointing researchers who had high hopes for it.

Rupert Brooke WW1 poet. Born Rugby. Joined the navy and sailed to the Med. but died on his way to Gallipoli from an infected mosquito bite, on a French hospital ship moored in the Aegean Sea. Buried in an olive grove on Skyros.


PETITION and article and video. Pony the Orangutan was found by the Orangutan Survival Foundation in a "prostitute village" in Borneo, chained to a wall and lying on a jizz-stained mattress. She was completely shaved and covered with infected mosquito bites. Please sign and share. posted 10 18 2012