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Lemon ice cubes for morning sickness relief

One of my clients was having terrible morning sickness and emailed me for some natural remedies to help . This is the one she said saved her.Lemons have a calming effect and have been known to help…


DIY nausea pops! I'm going to use this for active labor if I start feeling nausea come on. Perk of home birth....I can eat!!!

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How to Feel Better with Unisom and B6

Many women use Unisom and B6 and notice a dramatic decrease in morning sickness symptoms. Some even call Unisom and B6 “the wonder cure”.

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8 Things That Happen When You Drink Honey Water

Would you like to know 8 things that happen when you drink honey water? You have probably heard some of the benefits of honey already and let’s face it, honey sure is tasty I would like to mention though, we’re not talking about the cheap honey that you can get. It needs to be organic …

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A Morning Sickness Guide Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Read

morning sickness - dr. axe #health #holistic #natural


Morning Sickness Tip... works for any time you're sick, getting dehydrated and can't keep anything down.

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Why Mother Teresa wasn't as saintly as you'd think

Mother Teresa fought to keep divorce illegal, same with contraception and abortion. She praised and defended dictators (who gave her money). Despite receiving many donations, her hospice was unsanitary and didn't offer painkillers. She wouldn't say where the money went. She told people suffering brought them closer to God. She cared more about converting people than curing them, and baptized dying nonbelievers. But when she herself got sick, she went to top US treatment centres.

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Morning Sickness: How to Cure it With One Simple Recipe

Don't let morning sickness stop you in your tracks. Learn what mineral most Americans are deficient in and how adding it to your daily routine can cure the first trimester nausea.