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Standard Laurus nobilis (Bay) trees, Convolvulus cneorum (Morning Glory) and Petunias. Walls covered by a white flowering Trachelospermum jasminoides (Star jamsine). Borgo Santo Pietro, Siena, Tuscany, Italy © Andrea Jones/Garden Exposures Photo Library.


Trailing Perennials for Walls and Baskets. Come join us on facebook!

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Become A Famous Fashion Designer

i love this idea. create a large frame and stringing through chicken wire and then letting some ivy just totally take it over.


(not a DIY) Trough planters with tall supports for trailing plants to make screens - along with a pergola... I'm all about privacy!


Plant Morning Glory seeds in a hanging basket and they will grow down! . . Morning glory seeds are protected by a tough coat. Soak the seeds in water for 12 to 24 hours before sowing or file away or nick off a small piece of the coat before planting. Sow seed 1/4 inch deep; they usually sprout in about a week.:

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Need Privacy? DIY Garden Privacy Ideas

"Morning glory provacy" (think it's supposed to be privacy...) Would be nice but not by the front windows, not sure but assuming they would attract bees. Side windows that can be seen from inside (so long as I can still open windows for a breeze).

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Grow Morning Glories

Grow Morning Glories in your garden, cover an ugly fence, bare wall or create a privacy trellis.


Morning Glory flowers - Because of their fast growth, twining habit, attractive flowers, and tolerance for poor, dry soils, some morning glories are excellent vines for creating summer shade on building walls when trellised, thus keeping the building cooler and reducing heating and cooling costs. So easy to grow. they grow fastest with regular watering but bloom best when dry.