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The family tree of DOGS: Chart reveals how every breed's related

#animal rights #compassion #animals

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How to tell humanitarian disaster stories responsibly

Humanitarian comms can be a moral minefield, but it’s important to remember the people behind your stories are more than just a case study

When time changed for the land of the rising sun and the noble samurai were no longer quite needed, the Ronin, masterless Samurai, appeared everywhere. Swords for hire with a moral code, they're responsible for some of the tales of heroism, we have...


Did you know who gets the money from your typical $10 T-shirt? #EthicalFashion #FairTrade See also:

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Forest-burning is a sin, says Indonesian fatwa

Indonesia's highest Islamic authority has said it is a sin for people to deliberately burn forests to clear the land for growing crops.

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Oxfam International on

Beautiful mother and daughter in Chad | Africa

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Why Fact Checking Is A Moral Responsibility

I want to be the first to know when I'm wrong.