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Wishing everyone all the powers of the Winter Solstice. May your next 6 months & 'spiritual rebirth' be spectacular!

from TechRadar

How to photograph the moon: an easy way to shoot moon pictures full of detail

How to photograph the moon: step 4 "Switch your camera to Manual mode and your lens to manual focus. When choosing your camera settings, there are two key factors to remember: the moon is bright, so a low ISO is fine, and it’s actually moving slowly, so a fast shutter speed is called for. We chose 1/200 sec, f/10 and ISO200"

from The Atlantic

Supermoon 2016

The supermoon rises over a mountain range in Naypyitaw, Burma (November 14, 2016) • photo: Aung Shine Oo / AP


And like a giant peach the moon bobbed up and down on the sea, reflecting its glow , wherever it travelled 💫💥🌜🌝🌛🌕🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔🌚