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The July full moon is about connecting to our deeper self and our dream world.

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Happy New Moon! Tonight I'll be honoring The #Moon and myself with a Moon #Ritual Bath. How will you be honoring this #sacred time of reNEWal?

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With high wasted shorts and black flip flops in the summer...adorable!!! Or even with a cardigan in the winter!

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A Magic Carpet Ride

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Sit, listen to the wind, birds and trees. Allow the beauty and chaos that is nature to enter and propel you through this time we call life. Breath in the smells of an open fire place and a camp fire. Know the difference they have on you and your surroundings. Give with an open heart and mind. Know that there are richer and poorer. But never measure those two thoughts by the amount of money one has. For richness is how you live and give of yourself, not what you have.

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JUNE STRAWBERRY MOON Strawberry time. Picking by moonlight is said to honour the crops. Also known as the Rose Moon

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The Phases of the Moon—a Middle School Science Hands-on Lesson

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Remember its full moon tonight, great night for recharging your energies, and for setting intentions for the months ahead. I shall be taking a friend out and teaching him all about moonbathing, recharging energies and setting intentions :) xxx

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A black moon is having two new moons in one month! wow. Sounds like a powerful time for intention, creation and action

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January 20, 2015 New Moon, New Year, New Beginnings

New Moon Prayer - I Welcome Transformation - I Welcome Growth - I Welcome Abundance - I Know What I Need - I Am Ready.

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