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I am a romantic, and power is what makes me feel emotionally happy, but I express my needs and thoughts in an emotional way. When it comes to love I will be playful but when I get angry I become aggressive so don't test me!

Aquarius Sun Sign, Pisces Moon Sign, Pisces in Mercury, Aquarius in Mars, Pisces in Venus, Scorpio in Jupiter, Pisces in Saturn, Capricorn in Uranus, Capricorn in Neptune, Scorpio in Pluto, Rising Sign Scorpio, Lilith Taurus, Midheaven Leo, Asc Nodes Scorpio

The word that comes to mind for the Aquarius zodiac sign is unusual, and they would agree! They revel in being quirky, and the Moon in Aquarius intensifies their need to be different from others. The Moon represents your emotions and innermost desires, and for Aquarius that includes pride in their uniqueness.