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Exploring Montezuma Castle National Monument

Exploring Montezuma Castle National Monument in Arizona, USA with kids #Findyourpark


Montezuma Castle In essence, Montezuma Castle is a twenty-room high-rise apartment building inhabited 1,000 years ago by the Sinagua people, who were part of the Anasazi (or Ancient Pueblo Peoples) group. It isn’t really a castle and it has nothing to do with the great Aztec king Montezuma. These ruins were discovered by Europeans in the 1860s, and they chose the name in error, thinking the ruins had something to do with the Aztec Empire in Mexico.


Montezuma Castle National Monument = Spectacular, 5-story cliff dwelling built by the Sinagua Indians around the 14th century. National monument also includes Montezuma Well, a flooded limestone sinkhole


Montezuma Castle National Monument, near Camp Verde, Arizona ... One of my very favorite places in Arizona which is filled with many places that I love dearly. This spot has the power to take me to that time and place when the people wandered and lived here. I can feel them ... I feel as I have been one of them. The peace that fills me is like no other.


Montezuma Well & Castle 45 min South of Flagstaff, AZ. This is water channeled from the well above to the castle.