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MONSTER MUD A+ • "Most tutorials you will encounter tell you that you want 1 gallon of paint to a 5 gallon bucket of drywall compound.• Truth is, there is no magic formula, just mix some of each and start to play. If you want to be fighting to try to fit 6 gallons of stuff into a 5 gallon bucket, more power to you. • My own recipe is: 1 5 gallon bucket. 1 BOX of drywall compound. 1 gallon latex paint." UnOrthodOx -halloweenforum


The Weeper: How many kids would dare approach a porch with this guy sitting there? Could be either an awesome prop or an amazing costume depending on how sadistic you're feeling toward the trick-or-treaters.


Second try at a wall breaker, Definitely use cheese cloth with the monster mud-it shows the details better. Used foam skull from Walmart (cut the jaw off to make it open), yard sale plastic rib cage, hands from Spirit Halloween, left over plastic bones. Haunted hallway, Soneda's Haunted Garage 2015.

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3 Ways to Make Halloween Decorations Look Old: Faux Mud, Moss and Metal


Question and answers about Dryloc. monster mud is Used when making props to give concrete look that consists of drywall joint compound and exterior latex paint mixed together giving you a weather proof material. Some people use sand in the mixture to give it a texture of stone. The dryloc can give you extra weatherproofing and can be painted after project dries. The texture is is like paint mixed with sand.