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Monday Morning Quarterback

from Kim'sCrazyLife

Regret And The Empty Nest

I’ve got a secret to tell you. You know what the empty nest really is? It’s a big old never-ending Monday morning quarterback session and it sucks


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Jacoby Brissett |

The Monday Morning Quarterback | A quick analysis of important economic data released over the past week Elliott D. Pollack & Co. With the exception of single-family housing, the economic news continues to be good. As we’ve discussed before, there are several reasons for Arizona’s weak housing market. Some of the major problems included: (1) [...]


Walking On Sunshine: How New England Stole The Super Bowl (By Keith Rivas)

Former Air Force quarterback Dee Dowis dies in traffic accident = According to ESPN’s Mark Schlabach, Former Air Force quarterback Dee Dowis was killed in a car accident on Monday morning in Atlanta. Gwinnett County Police say that the 48-year-old was killed at about 5 a.m. ET in a two-car crash while.....


Pumpkin Chai Candle By Nest

It doesn’t matter if you’re Tom Brady or a Monday morning quarterback: this…