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Molon Labe Meaning

Molon Labe. This is my new favorite quote. It can apply to so many aspects of life as we know it. Everyone is asking that we give up our weapons, our beliefs, and our rights. Come and take them.

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Molon Labe Tactical Warrior....WARRIORS are Patriots. Patriots never change. || Counseling Services @

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Just say when Wow and after they take all the guns are they gonna take all the rocks---cause you can kill with a rock so we better get rid of them too, and baseball bats, and tree limbs, and frying pans, and pillows, and and... Where and when do we stop the government from taking away our rights because it suits their politically correct agenda????? If we don't do it now Hillary will work for more and more gun control and she will get it passed.

molon labe tattoo designs | ... "molon labe" is a Greek saying and it means "come and take them