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Base damage, local sequence context and TP53 mutation hotspots: a molecular dynamics study of benzo[a]pyrene induced DNA distortion and mutability

from ScienceDaily

Physicists have developed new technology to study atomic vibration in small particles, revealing a more accurate picture of the structure of atomic clusters where surface atoms vibrate more intensively than internal atoms. Using new computer technology based on gaming machines, scientists were able to use a combination of molecular dynamics and quantum mechanics calculations to simulate the electron microscopy of gold particles....


Curvature effects on lipid packing and dynamics in liposomes revealed by coarse grained molecular dynamics simulations - #Atomic Stick-Slip: Molecular dynamics #simulation of #atomic stick-slip friction

How Proteins Read Meta DNA Code: Rigid-body molecular dynamics of DNA inside a nucleosome - Fathizadeh, A. et al. (2013) European Physical Journal E. 36:21

from Great Italian Chefs

Heinrich Schneider's stunning ice cream recipe might look more like an alien landscape than an Italian dessert, but rest assured this sophisticated dish delivers formidably on flavour, too. Milk skin adds soft texture, while the combination of birch ice cream, black bean pesto sweetened with honey and plum seed oil and a smooth disc of spiced sesame cream results in a striking colour palette for a memorable end to a dinner party menu.