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Apricot, blueberry and almond breakfast muffins recipe

Banana and yogurt keep these muffins moist, while the butter, ground almonds and oats make them filling. No added sugar means you’re getting the day off to a good start too.


Rhubarb spice cake

Rhubarb spice cake. Wonderfully moist and reminiscent of an old-fashioned gingerbread. Heat up a thick slice in the microwave and have it for pud with a dollop of custard


The Tens Company Delux Moist Heat Physio Wheat Pack. Deep Soothing Heat Treats The Neck Shoulders And Upper Back Manu The deluxe neck and shoulder pack with luxury fleece cover, fits around the shoulders,neck and cervical spine. This is the same size of wheat pack as used by medical prof (Barcode EAN = 5060405140201)

Deforestation Facts, Deforestation Information, Effects of Deforestation

"Deforestation also drives climate change. Forest soils are moist, but without protection from sun-blocking tree cover they quickly dry out. Trees also help perpetuate the water cycle by returning water vapor back into the atmosphere. Removing trees deprives the forest of portions of its canopy, which blocks the sun’s rays during the day and holds in heat at night. This disruption leads to more extreme temperatures swings."


Weird Cloud Atlas: a collection of spectacular cloud formations,lenticular cloud, Mauna Kea, Hawaii, USPicture: Science Photo Library / Rex Features


How to Make Your Own Gel Ice Pack or Moist Heat Pack

It's simple to make and blend your very own gin liqueur. Proof? Why, this perfect homemade sloe gin, for starters. Read on for more tips on perfecting your own sloe gin and other infused tipples…plus recipes from our talented Distiller, Ollie Kitson.

Bilt-Rite Deluxe Moist/Dry Blue Electric Heating Pad: Heat pad relieves sports injuries and menstrual cramps.


Warm, moist heat is one of the best things we can do for our fibromyalgia every day, much more effective than dry heat! ThermaCure is a nice, large pad!