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Nerf Mods: A Beginner's Guide

Beginners can be easily repelled from the world of Nerf gun modding by seeing a modification "write-up" that seems complicated. Many modification write-ups do seem confusing at first. However, modding a Nerf gun isn't very hard--It simply takes knowledge of how a Nerf gun works and how a mod should be executed. With this knowledge, modifying Nerf guns is quite simple. This Instructable will introduce you to the vast world of Nerf gun modifications. It covers basic concepts of Nerf g...


Steampunk gun. I have one of these but I can't get mine to look right. I will have to try a color scheme similar to this one, and looks like I need to attach fewer, but cooler things to it. LOL

from Bit Rebels

Mass Effect Inspired Nerf Gun Mods

This won’t help you take out Reapers. And it’s probably not such a good choice against Cerberus, either. At least, not if you want them to...

from ThisIsWhyImBroke

Warhammer Nerf Guns

Go to war with these Warhammer Nerf Guns – available in both pistol and rifle form. These Warhammer fire arms are fully functional hand painted modified Nerf guns with incredible detail and make a cool gift idea for Warhammer fans.