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How To Dehydrate Onions For Long Term Storage

How to dehydrate onions. This site has tons of cool preservation tips!


Where I extol the virtues of a dehydrator

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How to make potato flakes from scratch - The Homesteading Hippy

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Should You Blanch Vegetables Before Freezing?

Follow these rules when you blanch vegetables | PreparednessMama

The Handbook of Vintage Remedies. Master Herbalist Jessie Hawkins covers over 90 common health concerns faced by modern families and 35 of the most commonly used herbal remedies, as well as practical safety guidelines about using natural remedies at home, and valuable formulas and recipes for putting herbs to use in the home.

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Explore the history of food preservation techniques.

Have you ever wondered how canning came to be? Or how ancients preserved their food? Join with us as we explore the history of food preservation techniques. The Homesteading Hippy via @homesteadhippy

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How to Dehydrate Cilantro for a Steady Supply

Preserve the harvest: dehydrate cilantro for a constant supply| PreparednessMama

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Canning Jars and Other Newbie Canning Tips

Canning Jars and Other Newbie Canning Tips l Learn to home can with confidence l…

Four major factors will affect the shelf life of long term storage of home dehydrated food


// roast tomatoes this makes me want to eat tomatoes, which is weird because I hate tomatoes